Product Recalls

Media Release

 8 May 2020

Juicy Isle Pty Ltd

Food Recall – Pure Tassie Organic fruit Juices

On the 24th April, Juicy Isle voluntarily recalled an isolated batch of PURE TASSIE Organic juice from stores across Australia. A test had indicated elevated levels of patulin, a mycotoxin common in apple juice and related products.

There is no formal Food Safety Standard or prescribed testing regime for patulin levels in Australia. However, there is international practice. Juice with elevated levels of patulin can pose a health risk through repeated consumption.

To ensure its customers’ safety and confidence, Juicy Isle today expanded its voluntary recall to cover all varieties of its PURE TASSIE Organic juice from stores across Australia with Best Before Dates prior to 31st January 2021, as a precautionary measure.

“We will vastly expand our investigation and testing regime to provide certainty to our customers that PURE TASSIE juice does not have elevated levels of patulin,” said Paul Mealor, Juicy Isle CEO. “This news has hit us hard. We see our customers as family, and we will ensure they can drink our organic juice safely and confidently.”

Juicy Isle encourages customers who do have any PURE TASSIE organic juice with a Best Before Date earlier than 31st January 2021, at home to return the product to its place of purchase for a full refund. Anyone concerned about their health should seek medical advice.  Consumers can also contact Juicy Isle via email

“The world is going through many ‘never look back’ moments, and this is another one for us,” said Mealor. “At Juicy Isle, we are taking a strong stance and a leading position in the Australian market in food safety for the welfare of our loyal customers. We have already adopted new and rigorous testing of all apple juice production beyond current Australian industry standards. Our PURE TASSIE organic juice will be the purest and safest Australian apple juice on the market, and will ensure both Tasmania and Juicy Isle will become national and global leaders in premium organic apple juice.”

At a hard time for every industry in Tasmania, and Australia, Mealor expressed sincere regret. “All of us at Juicy Isle, and our colleagues across the industry, see this as a catalyst – an opportunity to work harder, to be inventive, and to return to the market with the safest, freshest, most delicious juice you can buy.”

Paul Mealor Juicy Isle CEO