How We Do It

How its made

We keep it simple…

First, we make friends with local farmers
Supporting local communities in agriculture is important. They are the creative heartbeat of this island.
The fun part – picking!
Pickers come from local communities or arrive as backpackers from various countries around the world.
And choose the perfect fruit…
Tasmania is ideal for growing certain fruits. Slow growing in our colder climate they develop rich flavours and ripen naturally in the sun.
Next we crush
We keep it simple and just cold press the fruit in a crush.This is done down at the orchard. The fruit is simply put into the hopper and it travels up into the crush.
Off to be bottled
We then send our juice off to our factory to be bottled in this road tanker, 18,000 litres at a time.
The bottling process
The juices are then bottled into either 350ml or 1.5 litre 100% PET bottles.