And choose the perfect fruit…

And choose the perfect fruit…

Tasmania is ideal for growing certain fruits.


World famous for apples, especially from the Huon Valley region, Tasmania has some beautiful orchards to chose from.  Many of these have been growing apples for over 100 years.  The soil, water and air has been kept pristine for all this time and managed organically to preserve this.

Raspberries and blackcurrants

Our berries are amazing!  Slow growing in our colder climate they develop rich flavours and ripen naturally in the sun.  Sourced from the Derwent Valley on a farm nestled between hills and a river.


Extremely high in anti-oxidants these dark purple berries are quite fragile and need careful handling.  They have short storage lives so we get them as quickly as we can from the bush to our juicing facility.  Our blueberries come from the North West Coast, an area of high rainfall, rich soil and salty air.


Perfect climate and growing
  1. Rich, clean soil
  2. Cold winters and sunny days
  3. Pristine water
  4. The world’s cleanest air

Perfect fruit!