Organic Fruit Juice

100% Pure. 100% Tasmanian.

We are a company located in Tasmania, Australia, and have been bottling beverages for over 40 years. 

Pure Tassie is made by our company, Juicy Isle Fruit Juices.

It has been developed on the principle of using 100% Tassie produce. So, all our freshly crushed juices are made from organic fruit sourced from local orchards.

Today we use organic apples, blackcurrants, raspberries and blueberries – all 100% grown in Tasmania.  See where it is grown.

Tasmania is renowned for having the perfect growing conditions for many fruits and this makes is easy for us to source the highest quality fruit to crush and then bottle under the Pure Tassie brand.


Meet our organic fruit juice makers...
R & R Smith
Situated on 115 acres, the Willie Smiths farm is 35 minutes south of Hobart in the Huon Valley. The farm went organic in 1997, thanks to the innovation of current orchardist, Andrew Smith. It was a bold move, transforming the orchard to organic, and involved a lot of new techniques
Westerway Raspberry Farm
Clark Family’s farm, Lanoma Estate
The Westerway Raspberry & Blackcurrant Farm is a business run from the Clark Family's farm, Lanoma Estate. Raspberries & Blackcurrants, common throughout the Derwent Valley 40 years ago, were first planted in the old hop fields at Westerway in 1995.
Production Manager
DJ, as he is known, is responsible for making sure we bottle all our juices to the highest standard available. We have a state-of-the-art production facility including fully integrated blow-fill.  This is where we make our own bottles and fill them in the one process - currently the world's best

SQF Certification

High standards

As a supplier to the food industry we have our products endorsed as food safe under a comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System providing peace of mind to customers.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce.

Certification ensures compliance with national production standards and allows trace back of all products to their origin.

We have reduced our water usage by over 20%.

Our carbon footprint has been reduced due to our new blow fill line as we make our own lighter weight bottles onsite. This reduces on plastic and transport.

We are a signatory for the Australian Packaging Convenant Organisation that partners with government and industry to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment.

What people say…

Organic fruit

100% Tasmanian

Our family loves Pure Tassie! Being Tasmanian we think it’s great to drink an 100% Tasmanian product.

Organic fruit juice


Thanks for an amazing Apple juice!  It’s the best!

Organic fruit juice

Local product

Just letting you know I think the Pure Tassie apple blackcurrant is a big favourite at our restaurant.  It’s good to be able to provide a truly local product.